Knee Walkers

High Quality Knee Walkers for Greater Health

Don't miss out of local events due to mobility. We understand that living your life is important and being mobile is a huge part of that. We offer both a standard and a all terrain option so you can travel almost anywhere. Start living your life again with our select knee walkers!

Our Knee Walkers

Knee Walker – Standard

  • Dual braking
  • Basket
  • Easy, compact storage
  • Tool-free seat height adjustment

Knee Walker – All Terrain

  • Two 16" front + 2 12" rear wheels
  • Heavy-duty, extended-wear disc brakes
  • Compact storage
  • Complimentary water bottle + holder

Why should I rent
Knee Walkers?

  • 1

    You’re recovering from surgery

  • 2

    A family member is coming to town

  • 3

    To go out and for a local event

  • 4

    The need to be mobile while on Vacation