High Quality Oxygen for Greater Health

Enjoying life sustaining oxygen has never been easier. At Copper Star, we offer a variety of oxygen devices from small pulse dose POC, to medium size pulse, to stationary units. If you’re need help breathing, don’t delay. Rent an oxygen unit today.

Our Oxygen

Stationary Concentrator – 5 Liter

  • Five liter capacity

Stationary Concentrator – 10 Liter

  • Ten liter capacity

Portable Oxygen Concentrator – 5lbs

  • Pulse mode only
  • Up to 1050ml of oxygen

Portable Oxygen Concentrator – 10lbs

  • Continuous flow or pulse dose
  • Two liter capacity
  • LCD Panel

Extra Battery – Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  • Works on both 5lb and 10lb concentrators

Why should I rent

  • 1

    Get the oxygen you need even if you don’t qualify through insurance

  • 2

    Heading out of town and need a portable concentrator

  • 3

    A family member is coming to town and needs some additional support

  • 4

    Going to a local event for the day or weekend and need a POC