Power Scooters

High Quality Power Scooters for Greater Health

Live the life you deserve. Don’t be held back by limited mobility. Our power scooters allow you to reclaim your life and get where you need to go. We offer a wide variety of power scooters, from foldable for convenience to larger scooters for long distance. Rent a power scooter today.

Our Power Scooters

Power Scooter Portable/Folding

  • Range of 13 miles
  • Max speed of 4mph
  • Fits easily inside closets or vehicle trunks
  • Great performance indoors and out

Power Scooter HD

  • LED pathway light
  • Backlit battery gauge
  • Range of 16 miles
  • Max speed of 5.3 mph

Why should I rent
Power Scooters?

  • 1

    You’re recovering from surgery

  • 2

    A family member is coming to town

  • 3

    To go out and for a local event

  • 4

    The need to be mobile while on Vacation